I know that the current times are incredibly challenging for most of us. Some of us were fired, had a job offer declined at the last minute due to uncertainty or are fearing for their current position. Others may be forced to work alone from home, juggling their crazy current professional duties while managing their kids’ homeschooling and / or fighting over the home office with their partner.

However, there are now new opportunities to keep our professional life moving forward. Below, I have listed a couple of ideas to help you examine what you can do to further your career.

But first, I want to share a powerful insight into our brain. It is extremely difficult for our brain to move forward with anything in a positive way, when it is in a state of threat. And the coronavirus crisis created a threat mindset on a global scale for us.

The main aim of our brain is for us to survive and it is continually scanning for threats. When it finds one, it releases different stress hormones into our body, so we can get prepared for a fight or flight reaction. In times of danger, our brain is not busy with creative solutions – its main focus is to survive.

Crucial for going forward in a positive way in your career, and life, in general, is getting your brain into a positive state. Only then can it start creating positive solutions. How can you do that?

There are many different ways: keeping a gratitude journal, daily meditation, walks in nature, positive thinking, to mention a few. Just keep your brain in mind, before you try any of the below-mentioned ideas.

1. Reevaluate your current career

Have a look at your current job. Are you actually satisfied with what you are doing now? What do you value about your work and what items would you like to change? Is it meaningful to you? Even if you feel you cannot change careers just yet, give it some thought and air to breathe.

2. Reconnect with your network

Most of us are working from home, far away from their colleagues. But it doesn’t mean you cannot stay close. Reach out to old colleagues and start new connections. Especially in times like this, people want to feel connected, even if it’s only virtual. We need to know that although we cannot see each other, we are still on other people’s minds.

3. Learn something new

What is a new skill or expertise that would help your career? There is almost nothing that you cannot learn online nowadays. Use these times to learn something new, stretch yourself. Join an online course or training! Not only will you learn something new, you will also meet new people. You will discover new things and new fresh ideas will automatically come to mind.

4. Think outside of the box

In times of crises, some industries will stop to exist or be changed forever, and new ones will emerge. Do you have any new breakthrough ideas – for the company you are working with or for your own business? If so, share them with others or just start working on them. Even if the idea is not fully formed yet, just start. Make the first small step.

5. Work on your online presence

Now, even more than before, having a strong online presence is important. Spend some time to refresh your LinkedIn profile. Do not wait until you will actively need to look for a job, do it now. Think about how you can add value to your network in these challenging times and you will be able to raise your profile at the same time.

6. Practice remote interviews

Since we are now online more than ever, most of the recruitment processes are also done online. In case you have never had an online interview, practice beforehand. Ask a friend to have a Skype / Zoom call and practice.

7. Take care of yourself and your mindset

I want to stress again how important it is to give yourself some unconditional self-love and work on a positive mindset. My favourite way to increase self-love is to start a journal in which you are going to write down all the things you love about yourself, all your achievements, talents, skills, awards, you name it.

Send a request to as many friends, colleagues as you can and ask for your top 5 strengths. Write them ALL down in your journal. Self-love guaranteed!

Stay safe, inspired and healthy and let me know what your strategies are in moving your career forward in the comment section below!

Photo by Jamie Street on Unsplash


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