Clients’ Real Life Stories – Story of Edyta

At a crossroad

It so happens in life that sometimes we find ourselves at a crossroad, unable to decide which path to follow. In my case I was facing two paths – both equally appealing. A luxurious situation to be in, nevertheless a challenging one. I wanted to be sure that the one I pursue will be the path that suits me the most and which will provide enjoyment and challenge in equal measures. Going on auto pilot was not an option – I wanted to feel and experience every hurdle and turn.

How did I get to that crossroad? I have been quite content with my professional career even despite the fact that the last years were quite intense and very demanding and required me to work part-time holding two senior positions in parallel. Both were full of challenges, regular business trips, requiring quick decisions and constant availability. At the same time, as the Group HR Director I was leading the entire HR of the company and also managing the Polish unit that the company was divesting. My children saw a busy mother, constantly joggling her two mobile phones, occupied and often away from home. I think you get the picture now.


The coaching journey

So when I got a chance to reflect and think about the prospects of my future career I was unsure about my next steps. I decided not to leave this choice to faith and contacted Dorota Klop-Sowińska. We kicked it off from the start! It clicked as from the very first minutes we realized we had so much in common. The trust was established and I felt that Dorota will be able to guide me through the process of re-discovering my professional calling. During the initial sessions Dorota carefully and accurately chose the tools and methods which allowed me to explore my mind and potential directions for my future career. Her pertinent questions prompted deep reflections. She often touched sensitive spots and brought tears to my eyes but it only motivated me and pushed me to take action!


Turning point

Unfortunately, halfway through the trajectory, I fell seriously ill. At 37 years old I had a stroke. It completely remodeled my life and I was forced to reevaluate my life. It felt like all my plans were shattered into pieces. Dorota did not lose hope and continued working with me. She approached our coaching sessions with great compassion. She was able to comprehend my struggle as she once was also faced with a near-death experience.


Dream map

During one of the sessions, Dorota suggested to create a visual board (a dream map). This dream map gave me wings I needed at that moment. I have it to this day and I am very impressed with the power of its work, or rather the power of my mind. So many things included in this map came true already!

Nowadays, I pass this method on. I regularly organize workshops during which participants build their dream maps and learn methods of working with them. We create a wonderful community and share our experiences on a common platform. It is extremely gratifying to see people realizing their dreams. I also run comprehensive trainings and workshops for jobseekers in the Netherlands. Also I share my professional experience as public speaker on various international HR events and conferences. I enjoy being a trainer very much! This aspect of HR is very appealing to me.

Some time ago, Dorota helped me to create my life mission. Today I live it!


Edyta Nales, Group HR Director and Trainer

Photo credit  – Edyta’s private collection.


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