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Do you feel stuck in your professional life? Are you looking for a new path and need a guide to take you through the necessary steps? Then this book is for you!



We often fall into our career as a result of our study choices, and the circumstances or wishes of our parents. Then, after a couple of years, we wake up and realize that we are not satisfied. We want to live and work with purpose and to make conscious decisions about our next career steps.

This book takes you through a personally shaped career coaching process.It offers practical exercises and many inspiring stories from my clients who, through coaching, have found new, meaningful career.

This is your chance to switch off the automatic pilot and get behind the wheel of your career. Career Jump! shows you how to face your fears and limitations and takes you on a journey to meet the most important person in your life – YOU!

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13 reviews for Career Jump Book

  1. C.J. Hayden

    “Career Jump! is a wise and practical guide to aligning your career with what you want from your life. The book is rich with quizzes, worksheets, and other helpful tools to clarify your career direction, determine where you fit in the world of work, and move forward confidently to set yourself on the right path. I highly recommend Career Jump! to everyone who suspects their career may be off track.”

    C.J. Hayden, author of Get Hired Now! and Get Clients Now!

  2. Bojana Snijders-Nikodijević

    “I made a couple of major career changes. I quit my job, went on the MasterChef TV program, gave cooking classes, ran a catering business, and wrote a cookbook. I wish I’d had Career Jump! at the start of my journey – it would have made it much easier. Dorota’s book will give you the nudge you need to start your change. It will help you reflect on and understand what truly matters to you, so that you will not only focus on your goals, but actually enjoy the process.”

    Bojana Snijders-Nikodijević, author of The Plan, Prep, Plate Method: Simple Dinners for Busy Families, a former strategy consultant turned professional chef, and MasterChef finalist

  3. David Beckett

    “If you’re thinking of changing direction in your professional (and personal) life, look no further than Dorota’s book, Career Jump! It breaks this possibly daunting prospect into manageable pieces, and gives real life examples and experiences of a variety of people who made the change. Dorota’s style of coaching shines through too – supportive, practical and helping you jump to the next level. I especially liked the exercises, and the models which give structure to the thinking on offer.

    The spirit of the book is in line with today’s shift towards purpose as a measure of fulfillment, instead of pure acquisition. Having made the change myself a decade ago without these tools, I only wish this book had been available then!”

    David Beckett, Pitch Coach, founder of Best3Minutes, author of Pitch to Win

  4. Jennifer van Dijk (verified owner)

    On Saturday, I opened Dorota Klop-Sowinska’s book Career Jump! How to Successfully Change Your Professional Path and I don’t want to put it down.⁠

    The book has found me at a key time – ⁠I am asking myself:⁠ “How to increase my earning power while doing things that lend to my strengths?”

    In the past, I followed the path of least resistance and followed the advice of others’ blindly. It’s an on-going process for me to answer the question, ⁠“What do I want to do for a living & Find a monetary match”.⁠

    I oftentimes feel alone in not having a clear career path. I struggle with opinions – particularly from recruiters – that my career isn’t traditional and doesn’t neatly hit all of the search engine key words.⁠

    But one case study in particular resonated so deeply. The client writes,⁠ “I feel that people sometimes get stuck as they fall into the trap of thinking that they need to figure out the exact direction they want to take. To my mind, it’s much better to follow your natural curiosity, to experiment with different ideas. You can’t process everything simply by thinking it through. But by following your curiosity, in time, you might just discover what motivates you.”⁠

    Why I Like Career Jump:⁠
    – More like a workbook – Culminates Dorota’s favorite coaching tools⁠
    – Includes client case studies throughout⁠
    – DIY option to start analyzing your next career move⁠
    – Insight into what it’s like to be coached ⁠
    – Target Audiences: Working expats & Global citizens⁠

    As an American living abroad, it is so nice to read stories of others that moved away from their native country. There are different challenges and mindsets. ⁠

    Thank you & Congratulations, Dorota!⁠

  5. Kim Loy

    Dorota Klop-Sowinska’s brilliant book: Career Jump!: How to Successfully Change Your Professional Path couldn’t have come at a better time for me, as I found myself once again looking for a transition into something new.

    Having never previously delved deep into what values I deem essential to have a happy and fulfilling life, I found this section particularly enlightening, as I’ve now been able to mould my next work goals around those values, which is fantastic.

    Whether you’re employed, self-employed or unemployed, this book will give you the guidance you need to decide on your next move with confidence.

    Kim Loy, founder of Microblading Amsterdam

  6. Kris Nagorska (verified owner)

    After a long time of thinking about changing my job and being sort of paralyzed by the fact that I am not able to concretely define ‘what is that I really want to do next’, I felt lost and discouraged. Therefore, I am so grateful for the ” Career Jump”, which helped me so much to navigate through a process of uncovering what is that really ‘calls my name’. I finally felt motivated and supplied with appropriate tools to take next steps.

    Completing a set of skillfully designed exercises and experimenting with different approaches, which this book has to offer, brought many insights and helped me to define few potential career paths, which I’ve been currently exploring.

    Hence, If you feel stuck in your job, or simply not sure how to initiate transition to a new position, the “Career Jump” book is a solid first step to kick-off this process!

  7. Steliana van de Rijt-Economu

    I really liked the book. Although I knew the exercises from my work as a coach I still found them incredibly powerful when applied to myself. Dorota’s stories bring them to life, it seems like she is giving you her hand, guiding you through the doubts you might have about a career jump. A best read if you are feeling unhappy with your job. I write about mothers as leaders and Dorota left us a great legacy with her book.

  8. Iliana Genkova

    Career Jump! is a comprehensive guide on how to successfully change your professional path, and it is most suitable for people considering and ready for a second career. The book is rich on quizzes and exercises that tease out the answers to questions on the importance of knowing and respecting your values, purpose, passions, and life mission. It is an engaging personal story, how-to-book and career change support and reference book into one. Highly recommended!

  9. Chris Parker

    “Career Jump” is a must-read for anyone reflecting on what they want to be when they grow up! The book is packed with actionable insights and tips. The Career Jump Model is a simple reflection tool that is very helpful to orient on the different career path perspectives.

    The author, Dorota Klop-Sowinska, clearly has deep and rich experiences coaching a wide diversity of people, and she brings a lot of these stories and anecdotes to life in her writing. I have benefited from the concepts in the book and really recommend it highly!”

  10. Ania, from Corporate Finance Manager in FMCG to Garden Designer

    I came across the book of Dorota by coincidence, but was it really? Now when looking back I see that “Career Jump” was exactly what I needed at the moment of making my career switch. The book gave me confidence and structured my thinking. I longed for a breakthrough in my career, but I lacked confidence in taking the next step. The book helped me by reassuring that it was OK to experience changing career needs overtime. And that I can allow myself to follow my heart to choose my future career.

    By reading about many successful examples, I realized that I am not alone and by letting the past go I can open up for an unknown bright future. At the moment I started reading the book, I had been past several months of self-discovery about my desired future path. Intuitively I looked at my strengths, talents and wishes, but there was chaos in my head. Only thanks to the tools provided in the book I was able to organize and structure my own thinking and draw conclusions for the future.

    All these findings helped me to say YES to my new career. I can recommend “Career Jump” to anyone who is looking for some inner insights, irrespective if on a career switch or a career development journey. So once again, was it a coincidence for me to come across the book? Definitely not! Thank you Dorota!

  11. Pieter Polhuijs (verified owner)

    One of the most difficult tasks in life is to find your “Element” that’s were your passion meets your talent. I have been coaching many young people and have tried to help them to find it.

    Dorota’s book “Career Jump!” is something I have been waiting for. The moving way she describes her personal development and the meaningful exercises, the real-life experiences and inspiring stories make this a fun to read, great, practical book for anyone who is trying to find his/her Element.

    A great companion for coaches and mentors who are helping people to find their purpose in life.

  12. Dorota Piechota-Szafarz (verified owner)

    It is said that when the apprentice is ready, the master appears.

    I can confirm with complete conviction that I reached for Dorota’s book Career Jump! at the perfect moment in my life. I am the ‘living proof’ that the methods and tools Dorota offered are not only applicable but, above all, very effective.

    By using the exercises that Dorota shares in her work, I realized that I can be more than I am now, and it does not necessarily mean a radical life change. The most important thing was to get off the ground and start heading in the chosen direction.

    We all know that in order to grow we need to put effort into it, but it is all about knowing where to put this effort, and this knowledge I owe Dorota the most. In her book Career Jump! she offers fantastic support in communicating with oneself on a completely new level, thanks to which I was able to quickly systematize my actions and enter into the right path and towards the desired goal.

    This practical handbook allowed me to go through the process of self-coaching in a very intuitive way, thanks to which I quickly established a deeper relationship with myself, deepened my personal and professional observations, and consequently led to growth on many levels.

    Anyone who invests in Dorota’s book is actually investing in themselves.

  13. Bea van Velzen (verified owner)

    This book changed my life. Sounds cliché, well does not matter how it sounds but it’s true. I was looking for a professional coach and I already met Dorota.

    At first I wasn’t sure if she really resonated with me and if we were good match for coaching sessions. I decided to read a book to see what she advises. Well this was a game changer experience! Not only I felt connected to Dorota only after reading first few pages but I also felt like this is complete path how to follow your hart in choosing the occupation that really fits you- FITS YOU!

    Not the other way, what I was doing most of my life.., and the only time I didn’t compromise on my values was when I became a mum and couldn’t compromise not only my wellbeing but the one I love the most my son.

    Back to book it’s full with exercises and practical tips how to recheck and evaluate your preferences and skills. Establish your values and recognize how important is our surroundings and environment we function it. This book took me five steps further in selecting the carrier path and after finishing it I met Dorota only once to reflect on potential jobs I was striking for. I of course will see Dorota more often and every time it’s a true pleasure, but especially for those how are not sure where to start or are on the track already and want to reinsure their choices this is TOP reading position! Game changer as I said.

    With love and gratitude,

    Bea van Velzen


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